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RationMZ: Meeting Silage Needs Today and Tomorrow                                                                   

Silage corn producers have different needs depending on the end goals of their nutrition program. To more easily identify how to meet these differing needs, we have the FeastPlus and EnergyPlus family of hybrids.

FeastPlus Hybrids

  • Extra leaves above the ear add tonnage and sugar content for better fermentation in the silo
  • The stalk below the ear contains less NDFd, while the stalk above the ear is more flexible and digestible; these products have a lower ear position and more above-ear plant for a boost in fiber digestibility
  • The combination of the synchronous drydown of the total plant with starch that has been bred to remain soft and breakable extends the harvest window for a boost in feed security and quality
  • For best agronomics, yield, and feed quality, plant at low to medium populations 

EnergyPlus Hybrids

  • Provide greater flexibility to use as a silage, high moisture, or grain corn
  • Higher starch content and more energy-dense ration
  • Stronger stalks for standability
  • Medium to higher populations for increased yield benefits

Talk to your local Maizex Seeds dealer or Territory Manager for details on the best hybrids for your nutritional and program needs. 

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    Access harvest data collected from on-farm trials.  Data from hundreds of locations is available to support product decisions. 


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    With access to virtually every trait technology available in Canada, Maizex offers a variety of products to ensure crop safety, maximum yield potential, and control of tough weeds and insects

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