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Leafy hybrids are designed to provide maximum tonnage with highly effective fibre and more available starch. 

Maizex is proud to offer dairy producers the next innovation in corn silage, which is the leafy floury gene. The leafy floury gene means that the starch in the corn kernels is more readily digested and that means less grain is needed in the ration. Consider Maizex Seeds Leafy, Floury or dual purpose hybrids for your whole-farm corn silage needs.

Leafy silage hybrids have been bred and developed specifically for silage. Choose Leafy silage hybrids for the bulk of your silage acres.

  • Higher total silage yields.
  • Higher neutral detergent fibre digestibility.
  • High starch contents and high starch availability.
  • A slow grain and plant drydown, allowing for a wider harvest window.


Maizex Leafy silage hybrids with the floury gene.  

Leafy Floury hybrids have all the great silage characteristics of the leafy trait combined with the floury gene. The floury gene allows the corn plant to develop 25 per cent of the kernels on every ear to be floury with no hard starch. This feature increases starch digestibility by several full percentage points. 

Grow Leafy Floury hybrids when high energy feed is needed.

  • High corn silage yields.
  • High total starch and maximum starch availability.
  • Research shows that cows fed leafy floury silage produce more fat corrected milk than cows fed brown mid-rib silage, without having to feed chopped straw.
  • Leafy floury hybrids combine effective fibre with highly available starch.


Dual purpose silage corn.  

Dual purpose corn has been developed to maximize the amount of harvestable grain that can be dried, handled, and shipped with minimal kernel damage.

Use dual purpose hybrids for corn silage production in the following situations: silage acres are uncertain and corn is to be planted for silage on fields where traits such as Genuity® SmartStax® and Refuge in Bag streamline farming operations. 

Dual purpose hybrids should be processed and positioned in the silo for feeding at least six months after harvest. 

Choose dual purpose silage corn when agronomic traits are needed and you are unsure of how much corn silage you will need for your livestock operation.

  • Dual purpose hybrids have high total starch content.
  • Stalks have higher lignin content to hold the plant erect for grain harvest. This means that neutral detergent fibre digestibility will be lower.
  • Dual purpose hybrids have fast grain drydown so total plant moisture must be monitored carefully to harvest at the right stage of plant development.

Plant corn on corn with Maizex Leafy hybrids with Genuity® VT Triple PRO® RIB Complete® Corn.  

Get all the benefits of leafy hybrids plus dual modes of action for above ground insects such as Corn Earworm and European Corn Borer. Controlling these insects decreases the chance for ear mold and mycotoxin development. They also contain a single mode of action for Corn Rootworm control.

You can plant a Maizex Leafy hybrid with the 10 per cent non-Bt refuge corn blended in every bag for corn on corn acres. Just fill the planter and go for convenient refuge compliance; hybrids with the Genuity® VT Triple PRO® trait also have the Roundup Ready® Corn 2 trait to allow tolerance to glyphosate.

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