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Be Rooted. Be Involved.

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Be Rooted, Be Involved is an initiative of Maizex Seeds developed to support the efforts of our farm customers, dealers and others in agriculture and beyond who want to help educate those not in agriculture about what it takes to produce the food we eat.  This includes family and friends who live in cities or in rural areas, people who want to learn in community or service organizations, influencers in public opinion like the media, and government officials.  

Today it takes less than 1% of our population in Western Society to produce enough food to feed not only the other 99% in our country, but also others around the world. Our productivity in agriculture is unprecedented. In fact, farmers are responsible in large part for helping to drive the high standard of living we enjoy in Canada today.  Our ability to produce enough food from a small percentage of our population has allowed the creation of a range of careers, skills and opportunities never thought possible when we were an agrarian society focused on survival.  This success is based on the range of technologies farmers have adopted over the last few decades.

What is interesting and contrary to some mainstream public perception, these technologies have not only dramatically increased productivity, but also allowed farmers to produce a safer, higher quality food supply with greater environmental stewardship and a reduced carbon footprint.  

The Be Rooted Part

In order to tell our success story, it is important that all of us have the ability to talk to our relatives, friends and others we come in contact with about the technologies and practices we use today. This means understanding what they are and why we use them – including the benefits they provide not only on the farm, but to society as a whole.  This is the Be Rooted part.  

The Be Involved Part

Once we are comfortable in understanding the what and why of what we do, it is important to confidently share these facts and our experiences.  Farmers are continually ranked as one of the most trusted professions in our society today.  We need to reinforce and build this trust by sharing the facts and our own experiences.  This is the Be Involved part.

For the success of our food supply and future generations of farmers, it is important we share our story today.

Download the Be Rooted. Be Involved. background and start agvocating for our industry today.