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Our History

Our History

Maizex Seeds is an independent, Canadian-owned hybrid corn and soybean seed company.

Maizex Seeds Inc. was incorporated in 1985, initially producing hybrid corn for export into the US wholesale market. In 1989, the company began developing and testing hybrids for the Canadian market and entering products into provincial trials. Early years also involved the sale of specialty hybrids for production of food grade corn for domestic food processors.

In 1995, Maizex Seeds began marketing seed under the Maizex brand in Canada with a limited product offer for 95 day growing regions and longer. Currently, Maizex Seeds markets corn and soybean varieties through its distribution network in all corn growing regions of Canada. Seed sold under the Maizex brand is produced and processed in Tilbury, Ontario, Canada. Always quick to jump on new innovations that help the farmer, Maizex was the first seed corn company in Canada to process Refuge in Bag hybrids. 

The growth of Maizex has been impressive and thanks to the support of Canadian farmers, Maizex has become an industry success story with a strong and growing customer following. In a survey conducted in the summer of 2015, Maizex customers rated the company’s corn seed with the highest percentage of ‘very satisfied’ ratings across the industry.
(Source: Stratus Ag Research – Corn Seed and Traits: Brand Use and Experience Study, Canada 2015)

In 2014, Maizex completed the addition of 8,200 square feet to its finished goods warehouse, increased ear corn drying capacity by 25 percent, and more than doubled the harvest capacity to meet the growing demand for Maizex seed. The spring of 2016 will see the operation of a new soybean processing plant with a 500 unit per hour capacity.

Maizex’s founders, Dave and Brenda Baute acknowledge and appreciate the support and performance of their staff. The company has been recognized for its innovation and its community and industry engagement.

“Having excellent product performance and a caring, professional staff are the drivers of our growth. Our team has a great understanding of the needs of Canadian farmers and we strive to provide consistent and accurate advice to the market,” says Dave Baute, President of Maizex Seeds.

  • “I plant Maizex for the performance and I like the fact that it’s locally produced.”

    Maizex customer testimonial - Von Martels
    Reinout Von Martels
    Von Martels Seed Farms Inc., Ridgetown, Ontario