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Our Traits

Our Traits

We are the market leader when providing growers with choice. We source the best in genetics and traits to bring the most innovative corn and soybean products to the market.

Maizex Seeds maintains access to all available corn trait technologies. Hybrids developed by Maizex Seeds are accessed from over 13 corn breeding programs globally. Access to several technology and genetic resources has increased the diversity of the hybrids offered by the Maizex Brand to the end user. Genetic diversity means reduced risk and higher yields.

By combining these genetics with advanced insect resistance and herbicide tolerance technologies, our lineup assures growers of high yield, consistent performance, and exceptional standability.

Our technology and traits can assist with:

  • Weed control
  • Early season insect control
  • Mid-to-late-season insect control


  • “I like my dealer; I know him and trust him, and that makes a world of difference to me.”

    Maizex customer testimonial - Diemer
    John Diemer
    Woodslee, Ontario