2017 Maizex Agronomy Days - Wrap Up

  • Feb 01
    Stephen Denys
    2017 Maizex Agronomy Days - Wrap Up By Stephen Denys on February 1, 2017
    Categories: Maizex Moving

    The 2nd Annual Maizex Agronomy Days was held February 1 & 2 in Kingston and London. This wrap up gives you a quick summary of what was covered. 

    Mike Cowbrough: 1:02
    Dr. Jason Deveau: 1:56
    Chadd Taylor: 3:13
    Patrick Lynch: 3:48
    Laura Johnston: 6:48
    Horst Bohner: 7:20
    Dave Emery: 8:40
    Matt Whitney:9:00
    Kirk VanWill: 9:19
    Peter Johnson: 10:08
    Greg Stewart: 13:10


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