Fluency Agent

  • Jan 20
    Chuck Belanger
    Fluency Agent By Chuck Belanger on January 20, 2014
    Categories: Grain Corn, Planting

    Bayer Fluency Agent is a new seed lubricant for corn and soybeans. It is a replacement for talc, graphite and talc/graphite blended seed lubricants.

    Fluency Agent reduces the amount of active ingredients released in treated seed dust during planting by 65%. By reducing seed dust, Fluency Agent reduces the risk of exposure to non-target insects, including bees.

    When using a seed flow lubricant with treated seed, only Fluency Agent from Bayer CropScience is permitted. Carefully follow use directions for this seed flow lubricant.

    • Apply the recommended rate.
    • Mix with seed in the seed hopper. For centre-fill hoppers, add Fluency Agent as the seed unit is filling.
    • Stir or mix the product into the seed.
    • Use in all makes and types of seed equipment that recommends the use of a seed lubricant. 

    What you need to do as a Maizex Dealer:

    • Contact all your customers and ask them if they have enough Fluency Agent for their corn and soybean seed needs.
    • Remind them that only seed dealers will have Fluency Agent available.
    • Also remind them that talc, graphite and talc/graphite mixtures are NOT to be used during the 2014 planting season!
    • Place an order with Maizex for your customers’ approximate needs. One pail of Fluency Agent will cover 50 units of corn or soybeans.

    Chuck Belanger, Yield Specialist, North Essex and South Chatham-Kent Counties
    Twitter: @sprayman63