Focus™ – a New Residual Herbicide for Corn

  • May 10
    Chuck Belanger
    Focus™ – a New Residual Herbicide for Corn By Chuck Belanger on May 10, 2013
    Categories: Grain Corn, Silage Corn, Weed Control

    This spring season, a new residual corn herbicide has been released by UAP Canada and is available at local ag retail outlets. It is a combination herbicide made up of Aim EC herbicide (PPO inhibitor, Group 14) and pyroxasulfone (long-chain fatty acid inhibitor, Group 15), providing a new mode of herbicide action. This product is called Focus™. With these two modes of action, Focus™ will give you up to 60 days of residual control, almost twice as long as most residual herbicides available today. Focus™ is a pre-plant and pre-emerge solution for many broadleaf weeds and grasses, including glyphosate-resistant weeds.

    It can be used as a set-up treatment or a long residual treatment. It is a low-use product with the set-up rate being 60 g/ac of pyroxasulfone and 30 ml/ac of Aim EC at a retail cost of approximately $21.50/ac. The long residual treatment is 72 g/ac of pyroxasulfone and 36 ml/ac of Aim EC at a retail cost of approximately $28.50/ac. A case of Focus™ treats 66 acres at the set-up rate.

    Focus™ can be tank-mixed with glyphosate for burn down, Aatrex® Liquid 480 for broader coverage and can also be used with 28% UAN as a carrier. Many broadleaf weeds are on the Focus™ label including: redroot pigweed, common waterhemp, common chickweed, common purslane, eastern black nightshade, horseweed, kochia, lambsquarters, velvetleaf and wild buckwheat. Grasses that are controlled include: green foxtail, yellow foxtail, giant foxtail, barnyard grass, large crabgrass, fall panicum and proso millet. As stated earlier, this is a new product. Please refer to the label for more information or contact your local UAP representative.

    Chuck Belanger, Maizex Seeds Yield Specialist, North Essex and South Kent Counties