The Maizex Crop Planner

  • Apr 12
    Laura Johnston
    The Maizex Crop Planner By Laura Johnston on April 12, 2019
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    If you haven’t developed an approach for getting your crop plans recorded, Maizex would like to help with an easy to use crop planning tool. Having a plan saves time and money.  It is also a great way to start record keeping with year over year planning in mind. It’s difficult to remember in the fall where trials/hybrids were if you don’t have it written down or recorded electronically. Not only will the Maizex Crop Planner help you keep track of where hybrids and trials are going but it can also be a great tool to have in the field with you for checking plant populations or recording what herbicide or fungicide options you want to deploy.

    Each section is colour coded with its corresponding “cheat sheet” to help you fill in the crop planner and make some informed cropping decision.

    The Maizex Crop Planner is a one page folded 4 sided document that is an incredibly helpful resource.


    Download the Crop Planner Here

    It includes:

    1. Hybrid Intensive Management Score and Target Populations

    2. Relative Maturity vs CHU

    3. Corn Plant Population Row Length based on Row Spacing

    4. Foliar Fungicides for Ear Rots

    5. Insecticides for Western Bean Cutworm

    6. P and K Removal Based on Yields

    7. P and K Recommendations Based on Soil Tests

    8. Safe Rates for Banded Fertilizer in Corn

    9. Nitrogen Rate Considerations

    10. Herbicide Information

    The best thing about the tool is all the summaries and important tables are on one sheet of paper. 

    Some Examples:

    Does MZ4368SMX respond to extra inputs?

    Yes. We have rated it an 8 for intensive management.


    Would you like to know what heat unit a 93 day corn is?

    It’s 2800 CHU.


    How would do I figure out my corn population in 20”rows?

    Count the number of plants in 26ft 2in which gives you 1/1000th of an acre.


    What products can I use to suppress Gibberella Ear Rot?

    Caramba, Proline and Miravis Neo


    How much Urea can I safely band in a 2x2 configuration in my starter?

    No more than 35 lbs N/ac or 76 lbs/ac of Urea.


    How much P and K did my 225 bu corn crop remove?

    79 lbs/ac of P205 and 56 lbs of K20 lbs/ac


    These tables are great quick reference guides. Call your local dealer or Territory Manager to get your copy of the Maizex Crop Planner or visit to download the file.