Maizex Performance Front and Centre in 2020 Trial Results

  • Dec 07
    Stephen Denys
    Maizex Performance Front and Centre in 2020 Trial Results By Stephen Denys on December 7, 2020
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    Maizex Seeds is once again at the front of the pack in reviewing 2020 year-end yield and performance data, including provincial trial data from Ontario and Quebec. The Ontario provincial data can be found at and can be sourced from that website in either table or graph format. Quebec data can be found at Some key highlights from the Ontario provincial trials (two-year data):


    OCC Table 1: 2 of the top 3 hybrids are Maizex 


    OCC Table 2: 3 of the top 7 hybrids are Maizex


    OCC Table 3 East: 4 of the top 10 hybrids are Maizex


    OCC Table 3 West: 5 of the top 14 hybrids are Maizex


    OCC Table 4: 4 of the top 12 hybrids are Maizex


    OCC Table 5: 2 of the top 5 hybrids are Maizex

    These results build on the story told in Maizex-sponsored trials across the country, which can be found on our website at

    Maizex performance is a result of one of the largest pre-commercial testing programs in Canada, where products are screened for yield and agronomics, from emergence and standability to husk cover and disease tolerance, across a range of environments. This is done using both small plot and field-scale commercial plots in all maturity ranges. The result is consistent performance within most maturities and more Maizex hybrids above the performance average versus competitor portfolios.

    Our goal at Maizex is to present unique products in a given maturity range to match your field conditions. By better matching hybrid characteristics and performance expectations to specific field situations, the result is improved overall farm yields.