Maizex RR2 Titanium's Yielding Great

  • Sep 19
    Maizex Author
    Maizex RR2 Titanium's Yielding Great By Maizex Seeds on September 19, 2011
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    Maizex RR2 Titanium’s yielding Great!


    Maizex yield specialist Kirk Van Will weighed some RR2 Titanium’s that yielded 70 bushel per acre. Three separate strips were weighed and the yields were: 70.0, 69.6 and 63.7 respectively, weighed through a Maizex weigh wagon. Belmont area farmer John Veroordeldonk is excited about his whole field yield. The strips were weighed last Saturday, September 17 and the soybean moisture was between 13 and 14%. Congratulations Kirk and John.