Maizex Today: December 4, 2015

  • Dec 04
    Greg Stewart
    Maizex Today: December 4, 2015 By Greg Stewart on December 4, 2015
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    Do Your Hybrids Have Another Gear?!

    In 2015, one of the projects that was at the center of Maizex agronomy research was how hybrids respond to more intensive management.  A clear aim of this work was to identify hybrids that have another higher yield “gear” when exposed to above average seeding rates, additional N fertilizer and a fungicide application at tassel time.  Well the data is in, and 2015 was an exceptional year for hybrid response to intensive management. Cleary, there are hybrids that perform great, and then there are hybrids that have the ability to produce even higher yields under the right conditions.  MZ 4640SMX is one of those hybrids, and across a range of trials, consistently rewarded intensive management strategies with more than enough yield to cover the additional input costs.  The data below highlights how it performed at the Tilbury Agronomy Centre this year. 

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    Tilbury Intensive Management Trial Details

    Planted:  May 19, 2015

    Standard: 31,833 PPA, 185 lbs N/acre, No Fungicide

    Intensive: 36,833 PPA, 235 lbs N/acre, VT Priaxor Fungicide Application