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    Spring Silage Suggestions     

    As we ship seed corn and get ready for spring planting, let’s think about growing the best feed for your dairy and beef animals.   Corn silage is the basis of many dairy and beef rations, therefore, top quality production is critical.  First, pick the best silage hybrid, generally, we recommend leafy silage-specific hybrids.  Plant a full season hybrid and plant early for maximum yield potential, good grain fill and timely harvest.  We recommend planting leafy hybrids at modest populations of 28-30,000 seeds/acre.  This is important because of the size and extra leaves on leafy hybrids; they produce the best yield and highest quality, digestible feed at these populations.  Note how these seeding rates are distinctly lower than the recommendations for most grain corn hybrids.

    We recommend the Fortenza® Maxim® Quattro with Stamina® Corn seed treatment for best disease and insect control, and for early season vigour for silage hybrids.  Research has shown that the new Stamina® fungicide seed treatment is associated with more rapid and increased emergence of corn seedlings under cold seedbed conditions.  These trials have shown to result in up to 3.5 bu/acre yield increase, which can translate into a 0.5 tonne/acre silage yield increase.  Stamina® is also associated with a better response to post-emergent frost conditions.   

    Make sure your planter has been thoroughly checked over.  Plant into moisture in good seedbed conditions and you will be on your way to a great silage feed crop!  

    Bill Norman CCA, Maizex Territory Manager - Western Ontario North

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