Maizex Today: October 14, 2015

  • Oct 14
    Greg Stewart
    Maizex Today: October 14, 2015 By Greg Stewart on October 14, 2015
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    Getting Ready to Evaluate Intensive Management on Maizex Hybrids

    The Maizex Agronomy site at Woodstock has several key hybrids being tested under three different management strategies.  Walking the plots on October 8th to evaluate late season plant health revealed some interesting differences.

    First photo: MZ 3484SMX with Traditional Management; 150 lbs of N, 32,000 plants per acre, no fungicide applications.

    Second photo: MZ 3484SMX with Traditional Management Plus; includes an application of Alpine SRN® foliar fertilizer and Priaxor® fungicide at the V8 stage.

    Third photo: MZ 3484SMX with Intensive Management; 37,000 plants per acre, an additional 50 lbs of N at V8, and a Priaxor® fungicide application at VT.

    Yield potential is very high for all three treatments, but with this increased late season plant health as observed in the pictures, it will be interesting to see if enough additional yield can be generated to increase bottom line profits.

    Your Maizex dealer is going to have a great collection of information coming from this site and a host of others from across the province.  Get a complete package of Maizex hybrids selected for your operation this fall and then take some time to evaluate which management strategies can maximize your 2016 profits!