Maizex Today: October 20, 2017

  • Oct 20
    Greg Stewart
    Maizex Today: October 20, 2017 By Greg Stewart on October 20, 2017
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    Hybrid Assessments 2017

    We are fast approaching the time when growers will need to evaluate corn hybrid performance in 2017 and make decisions for next year. At Maizex you will be able to find our on-farm strip trials here.   

    For some independent results, many producers turn to the Ontario Corn Committee (OCC) trials. Due to the anticipated late harvests at some of these trials, the 2017 OCC results will not likely be posted until later in November. 

    A good hybrid selection system requires solid, multi-site, multi-year data to ensure reliable performance combined with cutting edge evaluations for new hybrids the will be based on fewer sites and perhaps, a single year of data. A winning formula allows a grower to plant the best, most reliable genetics across the majority of his acres while still evaluating new hybrids so that they can move into the heart of his lineup as soon as possible.

    MZ 4092DBR is a good example of well proven genetics with solid performance across a range of environments.  If you look at the 2 year OCC data from Area 3, you will see that it sits near the top of the yield pile with mid-range harvest moistures.  No hybrids last very long in today’s rapidly advancing genetics, but having some proven performers like MZ 4092DBR in your hybrid portfolio is always a good decision.



    Greg Stewart, Maizex Agronomy Lead


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