The Sharp Edge: Twin-row, Multi-hybrid Strip Till

  • Jul 02
    Greg Stewart
    The Sharp Edge: Twin-row, Multi-hybrid Strip Till By Greg Stewart on July 2, 2021
    Categories: Grain Corn

    On the latest episode of the Sharp Edge, Lead Agronomist Greg Stewart visits with Mike Strang to discuss his multi-pronged approach to high yields by employing several cutting-edge practices relating to tillage, planting, and soil health--all in the same field. 

    "I put Mike in the class of a big dreamer...he's looking at strip till, cover crops, twin rows, multi hybrid. There's a lot going on here...he's looking at the big picture," Stewart notes in the video produced by our friends at RealAgriculture. Read more about Strang's efforts in their article and watch the video below. 



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