Tracking Silage Moisture Content

  • Sep 08
    Maizex Territory Manager Adam Parker
    Tracking Silage Moisture Content By Adam Parker on September 8, 2017
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    Typically this time of year we are entering corn silage harvest, however, with a delayed planting this spring and a lack of heat this summer, our corn crops are roughly 2 weeks behind our normal maturity. It will be important to keep track of the whole plant moisture as drydown progresses. The most critical part of your harvest is taking the crop off at the optimum moisture. One half milk line (1/2) is approximately 65% moisture. This is only a rough guideline and whole plant moistures should be tested for a more accurate result. Normal drydown would expect 0.5% moisture decrease per day or roughly 3% per week on whole plant moisture. Hot, dry weather can speed this rate up significantly, and cool, wet weather can almost stall drydown, so keep close track of your silage crop as it matures.  


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    Adam Parker, Maizex Territory Manager

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