MAIZEX SEEDS LAUNCHING GROWER SOCIAL LICENSE INITIATIVE: Be Rooted. Be Involved. Launched to Help Farmers Tell Their Story

  • Sep 13

    Woodstock, Ontario – With the goal of helping farmers tell their history making story, Maizex Seeds launched “Be Rooted. Be Involved.” today at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show near Woodstock.

    “It is well understood today by farmers that modern agriculture is under increasing scrutiny from the general public and all levels of government about the technology and practices we use,” says Stephen Denys, Director of Business Management at Maizex Seeds.  “The reality is that many of these concerns relate back to the fact that most people in society today are well removed from agriculture and food production, and have not experienced firsthand the difference crop production technologies have made on the farm.  Their perceptions about modern agriculture are fueled by well-intended members of our society who have an ideology of wanting to go back to simpler times given in part their fear of the science that has been adopted on the farm.” Denys says this is in complete contrast to modern medicine where the benefits of technology advances made are approvingly experienced firsthand by most in society.

    Be Rooted. Be Involved. is a two-part equation aimed at complementing the other education efforts underway within agriculture by providing information on how to explain key crop input technologies and how they benefit consumers and those not in agriculture.  The Be Rooted part is understanding as farmers what we do and why on the farm with the confidence to explain the facts to those outside of agriculture.  This includes the environmental benefits to society from the technologies we use.  The Be Involved part is our request to farmers to share their story through straightforward conversations with their relatives, urban friends and others they come across who want to learn more about what is happening on the farm.


    Denys says farmers have an unbelievable story to tell, producing the safest and lowest risk food supply in the history of mankind.  “Almost all farmers when asked say they would not go back to the days of old given their knowledge and firsthand involvement in adopting the practices and technologies that have provided us with the food supply and quality of life we have today,” he says. “Farmers are ranked as one of the most trusted professions in this country.  We need to leverage this credibility through one-on-one discussions that start with those we know. By sharing our story at a grassroots level we can regenerate confidence with the public and those that govern.”


     “The Be Rooted. Be Involved. initiative is part of our core strategy as a Canadian-owned and operated company of supporting our customers in their efforts to produce a high yielding and safe food supply for our society,” says Dave Baute, President and CEO of Maizex Seeds.  “As farmers we have always wanted to do what is best for the environment and consumers.  Over time this message has gone missing from the public and those influencing our government.”  Baute adds that in order to feed a growing population, farmers need to be able to continue to access new technology.  “Be Rooted. Be Involved. is aimed at educating those not in agriculture about the benefits of the technologies we are using and will want to use into the future.”

    As part of the initiative, Maizex Seeds has established the website which includes the first installment of the Be Rooted. Be Involved. education circular. This can be used by farmers or those in the industry to help formulate their story or can be distributed to provide information to those who have questions about modern agriculture today.

    For more information, visit or contact Maizex Seeds at 519-682-1720.  For media inquiries, contact Stephen Denys at 519-358-3370 or

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