Maizex Seed Guide 2019

All of us here at Maizex wish to thank you for your trust in our people, our products and our brand. The success and growth of our business is a result of your confidence. We want to share with you some exciting news as you start your field planning for 2019. For the last few years we have been working hard to ensure a path for continued growth and security for our staff, dealers and of course you our valued customer. With all our futures in mind we have formed a joint venture with La Coop fédérée, a 100% farmer owned and Canada focused agribusiness with a track record of success that has From Canadian farmers, for Canadian farmers resulted in it becoming one of the largest Canadian owned companies. Their business includes the Elite brand of seed corn and seed soybeans which will now be a part of Maizex. Our entire team feels it is a perfect fit as this transaction will ensure our continued growth while maintaining Canadian ownership. In terms of change that you will see on your farm, we will be selling seed corn under the Maizex brand from both portfolios while selling soybean varieties from both portfolios under the Elite brand. Using both brands not only builds on our unique strengths in the Canadian market, but also provides reassurance to both Maizex and Elite customers that Maizex Seeds will continue to meet their needs going forward. La Coop fédérée is the ideal partner for Maizex, not only given their ownership and shared values, but also their shared vision to invest in the scale and scope of seed business needed to service Canadian farmers across this great nation well into the future. My wife Brenda and I strongly believe this partnership provides a transition plan that ensures future growth and success for the business. For our customers and supporting dealer network it provides continuity in product, support and continued input from you our customer. For the foreseeable future, I will continue to oversee the operation as President and together with our management team operate the business as Maizex Seeds. 2