Maizex Production Guide 2021

Your Field. Your Farm. Our Country. For 35 years, Maizex Seeds has been focused on meeting our customers’ needs, first in the beginning with the production and export of high-quality seed corn and specialty corn products and then through to today producing and marketing industry-leading genetics to farmers across Canada via the Maizex seed corn and Elite seed soybean brands. It has been an incredible journey, and we appreciate your support. As we look forward to our next chapter in 2021, we cannot help but look at the way our world changed over the past year with the reality of a global pandemic and the impact it has had on families around the world, either coping with the direct impact of this disease or working together in trying to keep our own families safe. It has changed the way we live our lives day to day. It has also reminded everyone of the importance of our food supply and the people who produce it and ensure it reaches grocery store shelves. Agriculture matters to everyday life given the vital role we all play in producing the food, fuel, and fibre supply counted on by our society. So as the world economy rebuilds and demand re-establishes itself in many commodity sectors, Canadian agriculture adjusts and perseveres thanks to the efforts of all involved, from farmers to their suppliers. Right across this country, we are blessed with land that will produce food for our population and for others around the world. And although it is not perfect, we know we can farm within an overall environment of peace and respect. We are proud as a Canadian-owned seed company to focus solely on the needs of Canadian farmers from coast to coast. Our theme of “Your Field, Your Farm, Our Country” reflects our investments in developing high-yielding hybrids for grain, silage, and grazing corn together with high-performance Elite soybean varieties for regions across Canada. Our products are designed to meet the needs of your farm, field by field. We also continue to invest in agronomy research to provide the information you need to best take advantage of the performance you are buying from Maizex. Our entire team at Maizex is focused on your needs and your customer experience. We appreciate your business, and we are striving to be a trusted seed partner into the future. We thank you for your support and wish you a safe and productive 2021. David Baute Stephen Denys President and CEO Brand Director