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  • Jun 08
    Soil Nitrogen Status: June 8 By Greg Stewart | June 8, 2022 | Categories: Ask the expert, Field Care, Nitrogen, Tips
    Preliminary Results Soil nitrate tests taken over the last week have showed elevated soil nitrate... Read More
  • Jun 07
    Water Use of Corn By Danielle MacCallum | June 7, 2022 | Categories: Ask the expert, Crop Physiology, Grain Corn, Production, Silage Corn, Tips
    Corn crops typically require approximately 500 to 550 mm (19-22 inches) of water per growing season... Read More
  • Apr 05
    Corn Nitrogen Questions 2022 By Greg Stewart | April 5, 2022 | Categories: Ask the expert, Grain Corn, Nitrogen, Tips
    There are a lot of wheels in motion this year when it comes to nitrogen management in corn.  Here... Read More
  • Mar 25
    Avoiding The Big 6 Planting Mistakes By Greg Stewart | March 25, 2022 | Categories: Ask the expert, Field Care, Planting, Tips
    The following are some tips and ideas on how to avoid key corn planting mistakes. If you have other... Read More
  • Mar 22
    2021 Agronomy Summary now available By | March 22, 2022 | Categories: Ask the expert
    The 2021 Agronomy Summary is now available thanks to the work of the Maizex Seeds agronomy team and... Read More
  • Dec 17
    Maizex Seeds hosting second annual virtual agronomy series By | December 17, 2021 | Categories: Ask the expert
    Following on the heels of a successful event earlier this year, Tilbury-based Maizex Seeds will be... Read More
  • Oct 08
    Planter vs Air Drill: The Western Showdown By Danielle MacCallum | October 8, 2021 | Categories: Planting, Silage Corn, Tips
    For a number of years, I have been planting my dryland grazing corn with my air drill because that... Read More
  • Sep 03
    Ontario Silage Harvest Alert By Greg Stewart | September 3, 2021 | Categories: Silage Corn
    Recent silage testing has shown that corn silage maturities are advancing quickly. Tests in... Read More
  • Aug 23
    Maizex Launches NEW Class of Soybean Varieties for Western Canada By | August 23, 2021 | Categories: Soybean
    Maizex Seeds has announced the launch of four new soybean varieties to be sold in Western Canada... Read More
  • Aug 20
    How Kernel Set Relates to Yield By Danielle MacCallum | August 20, 2021 | Categories: Grain Corn
    The corn plants are at a very critical time right now in Western Canada. Most tassels have emerged... Read More