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Early order and early pay discounts help you worry about what's in the field, not in your bank account.

Seed Replant Program

Our high quality replant program helps when spring conditions are tough.

MZ Finance 

Get pre-approved with MZ Finance and make a profit before you make your payment. Talk to your Maizex Seeds representative about MZ Finance.

Benefits of financing with MZ Finance 

  • The convenience of working with your Maizex rep as your point of contact for all of your corn and soybean financing needs
  • Customized, pre-approved lending limits
  • A deferred payment date extends the marketing window for your crops
  • Option to defer payment of fall purchases to the next crop year
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Revolving credit option allows for readvances following paydown


  • Variable interest rate until the due date
  • Financing available for up to 100% of your Maizex seed purchases

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