Our History

Our History

Maizex Seeds is a Canadian-owned and Canada focused hybrid corn and soybean seed company.

Maizex Seeds Inc. was incorporated in 1985, initially producing hybrid corn for export into the US wholesale market. In 1989, the company began developing and testing hybrids for the Canadian market and entering products into provincial trials. The company also was involved at that point on the sale of specialty hybrids for production of food grade corn for domestic food processors.

In 1995, Maizex Seeds began marketing seed under the Maizex brand, growing to become to become the largest independent seed corn company in Canada providing elite corn hybrids and agronomy support to farmers from coast to coast.   Maizex has always focused on innovation whether in the approach we take to harvest and processing of our seed crop to produce best in class seed quality or in what we produce and sell in the bag. Maizex was in fact the first seed corn company in Canada to process and market refuge in the bag seed options for farmers.

Seed corn sold by Maizex Seeds is produced and processed near Tilbury, Ontario.  This area is unique in the country given its long frost free growing season moderated by the surrounding Great Lakes, soil types and area productivity.  In fact we can produce seed corn in this area for maturities across the country from 69 day or earlier to 112 day plus hybrids. 


Maizex’s founders, Dave and Brenda Baute acknowledge and appreciate the support and performance of their staff. The company and its founders have been recognized for their innovation and community and industry engagement.

In July of 2018 Maizex Seeds entered into its next era of commitment to Canadian agriculture with the formation of a joint venture agreement with La Coop fédérée, a Quebec based farmer owned agrifood business.  Through this agreement Maizex will remain a stand-alone Canadian farmer owned seed business selling grain and silage seed corn hybrids under the Maizex brand and seed soybeans under the Elite seed brand.  The continued investment through this joint venture in research and production capabilities is solely aimed at meeting the seed needs of Canadian farmers from coast to coast into the future.    

“Having excellent product performance and a caring, professional staff are the drivers of our growth. Our team has a great understanding of the needs of Canadian farmers and we strive to provide consistent and accurate advice to the market,” says Dave Baute, President of Maizex Seeds.  “This is an exciting time in Canadian agriculture and it all starts with the seed.  Our joint venture with La Coop fédérée is a future based decision.  This agreement will allow the business to remain Canadian owned and focused.  It provides a long-term plan for our staff and dealer network as we invest in our capacity and ability to meet our customer’s needs going forward.”