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Maizex offers a full selection of grain corn hybrids to meet your growing needs. We provide you with only the finest Certified seed to guarantee you clean, pure, high quality seed, and the most advanced genetics available.

Our extensive multi-level testing program evaluates the best genetics, traits, and treatment technologies to provide you with the most advanced, high performing seed there is in the world.

We source the best in genetics and traits to bring the most innovative new corn hybrids to the market. Genetics and technologies are sourced from over 13 sources worldwide; we access every trait technology currently registered in Canada. Our lineup provides advanced genetics and traits to assure growers of high yield, consistent performance, and exceptional standability.

Biotechnology - molecular breeding that delivers the traits you want.

This new era of seed development has brought tremendous improvement in crop yields. Modern traits have provided convenience and crop safety associated with herbicide tolerance and crop protection from pests. More importantly, new breeding technologies such as molecular markers and computer modeling have done more for crop yields and advancements than anything else.

Genetic diversity means reduced risk and higher yields.

We access our genetics through a vast worldwide pool of modern corn germplasm and use multiple sources of inbreds to assure broad genetic diversity. We combine these unique genetics with the most modern insect resistance and herbicide tolerance technologies available.

Maizex X-Series 

We also offer conventional corn that employs the latest in modern breeding technologies. Maizex X-Series hybrids are selected using sophisticated marker technology but contain no genetically modified material. With the mapping of the corn genome and the development of an understanding of the 32,000 genes in modern hybrids, the use of marker technology has helped improve yield and agronomics dramatically.

Grain Corn News

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  • Trial Data

    Access harvest data collected from on-farm trials.  Data from hundreds of locations is available to support product decisions. 


  • Traits and Technologies

    With access to virtually every trait technology available in Canada, Maizex offers a variety of products to ensure crop safety, maximum yield potential, and control of tough weeds and insects

  • “We like the high yields and consistent performance of Maizex hybrids. We like the fact that we have so much choice when it comes to traits.”

    Maizex testimonial - Jaquemet
    Gerald and Jean-Luc Jaquemet
    Jaquemet Farms, Winchester, Ontario