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Maizex offers a variety of options in both grain and silage corn to meet your growing needs. We provide you with only the finest certified seed to guarantee you clean, pure seed, and the most-advanced genetics available.

We invite you to explore our Grain and Silage seed product offerings.

Maizex also provides seed support in the following areas:

  • Order Alerts – we’ll get you the seed size you want; if we can’t, we’ll let you know before it arrives;
  • Early order/Early pay – discounts that let you focus on what’s in the field, not what’s in your bank account;
  • Seed Replant Program – our high-quality replant program helps when Spring conditions are tough;
  • MZ Finance – in conjunction with Farm Credit Canada, we provide you with the ease and convenience of purchasing and financing your seed with us; and
  • Agronomy Support – providing you the latest insights and information in genetics, traits, and technology to help you get the most out of your fields.



Empower MZ - Seed Treatment Solutions

To highlight the correlation between seed treatment selection and advancement to yield and performance, Maizex has launched the Empower MZ umbrella brand for seed treatment and enhancement products used on Maizex seed corn hybrids and soybean varieties.

As we look to the future there will be an impressive array of products brought forward that are targeted for treatment on the seed before planting – from traditional fungicides, insecticides and inoculants to new biological products aimed at not only protecting the seed from soil organisms, but promoting plant health toward higher yields as well.

The Empower MZ umbrella brand signifies that in order to be used on Maizex corn hybrids or soybean varieties, the seed treatment and enhancement products have been tested by Maizex to fit the needs of our customers and provide agronomic and economic benefits versus the traditional treatment combinations.

Maizex Seeds provides flexibility in our insecticide and fungicide seed treatment options for seed corn and seed soybeans, including:

  • Insecticide and fungicide treated to protect against a range of soil borne insects and disease pathogens
  • Fungicide-only treated to protect against soil borne diseases
  • For soybeans, pre-inoculation with Optimize ST inoculant.
  • Untreated seed

For more information on specific options available for the seed products you purchase from Maizex Seeds, consult your local Maizex Seeds representative or learn more online at maizex.com. Note that replant program protection varies by treatment options.


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    Our extensive multi-level testing program evaluates the best genetics, traits, and treatment technologies to provide you with the most-advanced, high-performing seed there is in the world.

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    Maizex offers more choices for the corn silage growing, including: Leafy silage hybrids, Leafy floury hybrids, and Dual-purpose silage corn.

  • “High yielding RIB and Leafy hybrids means a lot to our customers, whom we really enjoy working one on one with.” 

    Maizex testimonial - Orr
    David and Dianne Orr
    Orr Family Farm Corporation, Grand Valley, Ontario